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Concert at home - Lina Modika

Good morning all,

As we feared, the tour will still be difficult this year... But we don't want to resign ourselves to losing contact with you and becoming a virtual showcase without an audience, without soul, without flavor...


So since it will be difficult for you to come and meet us, we have decided to join you for private concerts,

at your place, at your friends', in a meadow, by the water, wherever you want...

for you present our fifth album live, and at the same time, celebrate our 12 years of touring!

A small space indoors or in your garden, very simply, relatives, friends, and we take care of the rest...

We will do our best to study all proposals and satisfy all requests.

So we say see you soon!

Musically… Lina, Zan  (and Chakka...)

Or contact us at

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